Typhoon Trump and British Columbia.

Have you ever been to British Columbia? If not, stop what you are doing and plan a trip to Vancouver, Canada. I promise- you won’t be disappointed.

My best friend from grad school celebrates his dirty (or flirty) thirty this week. An event that obviously requires proper celebratory activities. So, I booked a flight to Seattle and planned a week of traveling throughout Vancouver,BC, Seattle, and Portland. 

I’ll take a break from my usual postings about toxic relationships to share some fun travel pictures.

Vancouver, British Columbia: 

Canadians are some of the friendliest people you will meet. If you go to Vancouver, I would suggest staying at The Westin on the harbor. The view is absolutely breathtaking and the staff are very accommodating. Shortly after taking the above picture, I had the most entertaining conversation about the strange developments in American Politics with a very nice Canadian man. He was astounded by Donald Trumps run for President.

Two places you must eat at are 1) Tapola and 2) Cafe Medina. For the past five years, if not more, Cafe Medina has been voted the best place in the city to eat brunch. There is usually a long wait… but, it is worth it. Wear some stretchy pants and try their salted caramel waffle. 


Once you are adequately stuffed from so much delicious food, catch a ride to Stanley Park. We were there during some tumultuous weather- thanks to the remnants of a Typhoon, which we thoughtfully named: Typhoon Trump. 

Take some time to check out the Indian Totum Poles. If the weather permits, you can rent bicycles and ride around the park. 

View from our hotel room at The Westin.

​Truly only my friends and I would pick a week full of the craziest weather to travel to Canada. 

I’m addicted to coffee, in all brews and sizes, but particularly Starbucks coffee. While in Canada; however, you need to stop in Tim Hortons and grab a cup. There was a break in the weather long enough for us to order a cup just before leaving. And unfortunately, after throwing down a delicious lemon poppyseed muffin, we walked back to the car to find it had been towed. So there traveling down the road on a tow truck was half of my wardrobe and both of our passports. I’ll spare you the details on how I became the Godzilla of rude Americans. Needless to say, we did eventually get our car back. Well, that’s a small peek into B.C. Add it to your travel list! ✌🏻️


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