Biscuit Bitch and a side of Food Snobs

Are you a foodie? I’m not much of a food snob; I’d be satisfied with eating a sandwich or salad every day. My friends; however, excel as food snobs. They spend majority of their time researching highly rated restaurants on Yelp! Seattle is the perfect place for so many things: rejuvenation, exploration, adventure, and mostly eating delicious food! 

If you are going to travel to this unique city, I feel it is my duty to tell you some of my favorite foodie places! 

My absolute favorite spot to grab brunch, in the city, would have to be Biscuit Bitch! I am obsessed with their food. Majority of their food is themed around southern cooking, perhaps that’s what I loved it so much, biscuits, gravy, grits, and eggs. The only thing that could make this place even better would be a freshly brewed glass of sweet tea. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. This non-food snob would give them a 5 star rating!

The Madator in the Ballard section of Seattle was the location for our Saturday night pregame. They make the most delicious chips and salsa, but my favorite part about the restaurant is the atmosphere. In the center of the restaurant is a firepit. I would recommend stopping here for food and then continuing down the street for more partying! 

Another delicious place to eat, is Mistral Kitchen ($$$). If you are looking for the perfect place for date night, birthday celebrations, or girls’ night, I would stop in here. It would be impossible to order anything that wouldn’t receive rave reviews, but I would definitely order their butternut squash soup (two-thumbs up). Mistral Kitchen was the location of my friends  (classy) 30th birthday celebration. We all ordered dessert, which was probably the best decision of the day. They make a finger-licking chocolate mousse- an absolute must!! Overall, their prices are a little steep for the amount of food that is served, but it’s a great place to go for a fancy night out. 

One last place I would recommend (for now) is Casco Antigua. This is an excellent Mexican restaurant located in Pioneer Square. If you like plantains and enchiladas, combine the two and order their plantain enchilada. You will be begging for seconds. While you wait for your food, make sure to ask for some guacamole and cheese dip. 

Once again the service at Caso Antigua was excellent. They brought us over a bowel of churros with a candle to help Chris celebrate his birthday. Very accommodating.

The only downside to such amazing food is the food coma and food baby you battle the rest of the day. I always approach vacation with one motto: Go Big Or Go Home. So rock some leggings and an oversized shirt and get your food on! Most of these restaurants are all within walking distance of some of the main attractions. You can complete a lot of your tourist checklist and burn some calories all in an afternoon. Multitasking at its finest. 


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