Portlandia, Stay Weird

Food trucks were lined up next to each other like a new development of family starter homes. Chinese, Thai, hot dogs, and coffee fragrances sifted through the air. Like a bone dangling in front of a dog, the smells were irresistible. The concept of food trucks originated in Portland. A concept that has filtered over to the south.Every week we have a grilled cheese and burrito truck parks in front of the entrance to the hospital I work at.

Portlandia, the place you must stop and order from a food truck, eat brunch at Tasty n Alder, browse Powell’s bookstore, and buy a donut from Voodoo Donuts.

You guessed it, food trucks!


Voodoo Donuts
Powell’s Bookstore

We traveled to Portlandia for Jos’ 28th birthday. It was my first time in visiting and it was an experience to say the least.
If you ever find yourself surrounded by people whose go to slogan is, “stay weird Portland,” then you must stay at Hotel Monaco. It’s a boutique hotel and it is a lot of things…chic, picturesque, and a novelty. I could probably write an entire blog about how wonderful Hotel Monaco is, but I’ll just let the video show you.

Maybe you aren’t into rolling the dice on food poisoning (j/k the food trucks are clean…I think), bookstores, or uniquely created donuts. What else is there to see or do in Portland?

The Nike, Adidas, and Columbia world headquarters are all located just outside of Portland in a town called, Beaverton. You will find several outlet shops with incredible discounted sportswear for you to choose from. If you plan ahead, unlike us, you can even arrange a tour of the facilities.

Nike World Headquarters

Pill Hill- one of my favorite sections of Portland – has probably one of the best views of the city. Grab your socially unacceptable selfie stick and hope on the tram, ride to the top, and enjoy postcard views. There are four hospitals located at the top of Pill Hill- all of which have a surplus of excellent views and delicious coffee shops. I, as well as my friends, have all devoted our life to a career to the medical field; therefore, we were three overly excited nerds walking the halls of the hospital.

Lastly, skip over to Mississippi street. It’s the location of some awesome restaurants and the latest popular section. 

One thing I love about Portland, are the unique displays of artwork on nearly every block. 

Hope you enjoy all Portland has to offer!!

Mississippi Street, lots of random street art. 🙂 

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