Seattle or Bust.

I struggled to carry my suitcase from my second-story apartment to the car. It was 6AM, I was running late for my shuttle to the airport, and I needed an IV infusion of coffee STAT. The previous hour had been met with mass chaos in my apartment. One of those mornings where you take multi-tasking to another level (i.e.styling your hair while applying makeup and simultaneously brushing your teeth). All of this while scolding myself for repeatedly hitting the snooze button on my alarm. Truthfully it is difficult to pack for a city you have never been to. With the unpredictable Seattle weather, I had over packed-mostly cute and unpractical outfits. I drug my over-sized red suitcase to the car. If there is something I forgot, I didn’t need it anyway I told myself. I was wrong; in my fury to leave the house, I had left my toothbrush. Seattle or Bust!

Save yourself the trouble. Here are some packing musts for the PNW.

  • Rainjacket (umbrella if you would like, but a rain jacket will suffice)
  • Comfortable shoes (you walk everywhere)
  • An Eddie Bauer or Northface pack to use instead of a purse
  • Layers: leggings, tank tops, light sweaters…you get the idea
  • A warm jacket/vest

Skip the glitz and the glam and just keep it basic. People in the PNW have a cool, laid-back, hipster vibe. In fact my friend took basic to another level. She decided to go all week without brushing her hair. Thankfully, I convinced everyone to keep taking daily showers.

Ok enough housekeeping tips…let’s get back to some of the cool things to do in Seattle.
img_4953The number 12 shows up in random places throughout the city. Football is huge in this area and to acknowledge the role the fans play, the mayor retired the number 12. The Seattle 12th man represents all of the fans who support the 11 players each Sunday. Keep a look out for the cool places you will see this number.

The Underground Tour. This may not be your scene, but for those who enjoy history or creepy environments, this is the tour for you. My advice is to find a rainy day (shouldn’t be hard in Seattle) and plan some in-door or underground activities.

At Pioneer Square, the location of the underground tour, there is an excellent Italian coffee shop- Caffé Dárte. Take a break from all of that walking, charge your phone, rest your bones, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a side chocolate.


To conclude my Seattle posts, I thought I would share my absolute favorite place. My friends and I love to drink coffee. To be successful at our jobs, a high caffeine load is as essential as oxygen. I was pleasantly surprised one afternoon when my friends took me to (drum roll please….) the STARBUCKS RESERVE!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone who truly loves coffee. You can sample different flavors, watch them craft the perfect cup of coffee, and learn more about coffee beans than any one person should know.





I hope you have enjoyed seeing Seattle through my eyes. If you ever get a chance to go- you won’t regret it. Promise.


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