Seashells by the Catalina seashore.

We sat in the middle of the boat. That was the first time I can remember actually turning green. Stumbling my way up to the bar, I asked for a sprite and the nearest bathroom. We reached Catalina Island early in the morning. Had I not been slightly germophobic, I would have shouted, “LAND”and then collapsed onto the ground kissing it. It was only an hour long boat ride from San Diego to Catalina Island; therefore, it seemed a little dramatic, so I opted out.

Catalina Island.

A beautiful island located off the coast of California that has a perfect coastal vibe. It’s a relatively small island, yet they have the essentials: a casino, hospital, and golf course. Truly a retirement oasis. My best friend and I spent the day exploring the island. Two transparent American girls laying on the beach – while our skin turned from rare to medium rare. Catalina is everything you would expect- everything moves at a slower pace, there is an endless supply of cute island shops, and there seems to be a never-ending use for sea shells. It used to be the place I said I would retire to. I love the island lifestyle.

If you ever find yourself on Catalina, take some time to view the Botanical garden. You are guaranteed to see plants that are endemic to the island, as well as experience a breathtaking view of the island. dscf9007dscf8993dscf9019dscf9008I loved Catalina Island and I believe you will too. Our trip to California was packed full of hectic days and the time spent on this island was both relaxing and rejuvenating. Random Jeopardy fact, Catalina Island is the home of the Catalina salad dressing. Now, if you ever find yourself at a trivia night or a contestant on Jeopardy you can impress everyone with this random piece of knowledge! 🙂



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