New Years. It’s the ultimate CTRL-ALT-DEL. January 1st is not just a day set aside for bottles of Gatorade and a handful of round-the-clock aspirin ingestion; it’s a chance to start new. A year full of no mistakes- no heartbreak- no late days to work- no missed bills- no…

I’ve always loved New Years- the dresses, the nights out with friends, the glitz and glam of the entire evening. What I don’t particularly enjoy, are the endless conversation about “resolutions”. Mostly, because I feel majority of people select resolutions that set them up for failure. Resolutions that even the most dedicated of persons could never accomplish. This year, as I met my parents up at their house for our annual New Years Day lunch- I was immediately asked what my resolution for this year was….

In the South, New Years Dinner is cooked with one purpose…Luck …and as much of it as you can pile on your plate. So wear your stretchy pants and get ready to eat enough luck to last you an entire year! Allow me to explain, a “lucky meal” consists of collared greens, black eyed peas, and of course cornbread. Collared greens are representative of being blessed with wealth in the upcoming year, specifically through dollars. Black eyed peas, albeit an excellent band, are also representative of money, but in the form of coins. Grains, such as rice or barley, will provide you with abundance. And to sum up your lucky plate, a side of cornbread…which is just a southern staple.

I sat at the long wood table in my parents living-room and contemplated what I would select as a resolution. My parents had plans– clean out their garage, get in better shape, fix up their spare bedrooms..etc. With the thoughts of my last year- the progress and growth I worked hard to achieve… I had one resolution, FUN. I want to dedicate this next year to living every moment with the goal of fun… traveling to Europe, jumping out of a plane, drinking coffee while wondering the streets of London, and carb-loading on pasta in Italy.

Fun, it has to be an easy resolution to achieve! Good luck to all those “resolutioners” out there…


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