Cooking for the Challenged

Historically, I don't have the best track record with cooking. In college, I tried to make waffles for a boyfriend hopeful and unfortunately forgot to plug the waffle iron in. It's amazing how long you can wait for waffle to cook before you realize you never plugged the iron in. Needless-to-say, he saw more potential... Continue Reading →


Dangerous Roads Ahead!

I'm sitting on my couch, listening to the Lumineers, and actively trying to avoid cleaning. Does anyone else wish they had Matilda-like powers when it comes to weekly cleaning? Just a snap of my fingers and BOOM...the laundry is done, dishes put away, furniture is void of dust...a girl can dream. I just finished reading... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Europe: 101

Do's and Don't of Europe Travel How to avoid overpacking: My biggest suggestion is to plan your outfit for each day. Of course you should take an extra shirt or two for a back-up-plan, but planning your outfits will save you not only space but time. Safety:Ladies carry a crossbody style purse. Make sure your... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Pins and Summer Goals. 

Summer goals. For the last four years I've spent my summer days studying or thinking I should be studying. This year- and many years to come- I am book free, test stress free, and void of the dreaded red ink massacre. And because I have a new found freedom I have decided to check off... Continue Reading →


New Years. It's the ultimate CTRL-ALT-DEL. January 1st is not just a day set aside for bottles of Gatorade and a handful of round-the-clock aspirin ingestion; it's a chance to start new. A year full of no mistakes- no heartbreak- no late days to work- no missed bills- no... I've always loved New Years- the dresses, the... Continue Reading →

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